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[tlug] iBus Setup Problem

I have stripped my HDD and reinstalled Kubuntu 11.04 directly from a CD after saving an image of my previous version on another disk.

Now, iBus does not work. I have to manually start Keyboard Input Methods every time I start / reboot and Anthy capability is hit and miss (mostly miss). Most of the time, the iBus icon is visible, but not the Anthy E-J icon. I thought it was best to configure from scratch rather than copying over the old files. I was fairly sure that I reconfigured the switcher correctly but am less confident now. Can anyone offer any troubleshooting tips?

The reason I did a reinstall was that I killed the kernel on the previous installation by attempting to install a Linmodem (let's stipulate that the writer is not yet a programmer and end that part of the thread). I have a client which does not have / want Internet connectivity (they are amakudari) and do not want to discuss this option. I threw money at that problem and now have the fax capability they demand. Now, I need my J-go capability back so I can do the actual reports and send them.


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