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[tlug] mozc (was: Re: iBus Setup Problem)

CL wrote:
> Now, iBus does not work.  I have to manually start Keyboard Input 
> Methods every time I start / reboot and Anthy capability is hit and miss 
> (mostly miss).  Most of the time, the iBus icon is visible, but not the 
> Anthy E-J icon.  I thought it was best to configure from scratch rather 
> than copying over the old files. I was fairly sure that I reconfigured 
> the switcher correctly but am less confident now.  Can anyone offer any 
> troubleshooting tips?

BTW, I'd recommend you to try mozc instead of anthy.
I really like it more than both anthy and canna.
The only drawback is that it seems to use more resources, on my old
notebook with a slow hdd the first conversion tended to be quite

Tobias						PGP:

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