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Re: [tlug] OT: Friend wants to work in Japan

Hi David,

On 22/06/11 02:33, David J Iannucci wrote:
I promised him I would consult this list for any ideas or leads to
possible work (and visa sponsorship) for him.  I have already pointed
him to Mr. Trahan's web site :-)

Perhaps you might already know this but I'll put this on the list in case others are interested. But there is an annual Japanese-English career forum in the USA. I think it is this:

It turned out to be a large number of Japanese companies but the vast majority of the attendees was Japanese graduates who wanted to return to Japan to work. Some of the companies wanted Japanese speakers only, which is understandable.

But one of the companies that gave me their 3 minutes asked me a good question, "So, you've never been to Japan but you want to work in Japan? Why?". That was a fair question and hopefully your friend is more prepared than I was. IMHO, even if someone has the experience, as an employer, I'd like to know if my staff is going to go nuts in a foreign country. Especially an employer who cares enough [or appears to care enough :-) ] to make all of their staff undergo annual health checks.

While the job market is so-so, I read this past week that the visa regulations for foreigners is being relaxed a bit. So, good luck to your friend!


PS: No guarantees that job fair is the one I went to; it was a very long time ago and I don't remember its name.

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