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Re: [tlug] Home printer suggestions: Demand Postscript


Thanks for your comment.

You're totally right.  In this thread, most important is which printer
works good in Linux, so HP is best in Inkjet area also.
Their HPLIP is open source, and already included most Linux
distribution, and works so nice.  No choice.

# To be honest, for me it is little sad to say non-Japanese vendor's
# name...

That's enough for the thread.

BTW, please forgive me to just off-topic comment.

My previous comment is for people for want to buy Canon or Epson
printer.  They make very nice and inexpensive printer in Inkjet world,
and we can buy ink easier for them (it has been important point,
but now we have Amazon).

And Canon distribute their driver, and Avasys corporation distribute
EPSON's one. I heard qualities of these drivers are really nice, but
they couldn't catch up machine release schedule in my observation.

On the other hand, Gutenprint.

Sorry about that I have never used Gutenprint, just hear some
people told me it works enough. If some people still have problem
with Gutenprint, it is my fault to recommend without my experience.

But the project pay effort to catch up printer release schedule,
and seemed good for me comparing with vendor drivers.
And Gutenprint is already included most Linux distros, nothings
to do to use.  It is my point.

Naruhiko Ogasawara (

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