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Re: [tlug] Home printer suggestions: Demand Postscript

Naruhiko Ogasawara writes:

 > About Inkjet models, some vendors provides their own drivers,
 > but in my feeling, trust open source project and use Gutenprint
 > driver.  Check supported printers in Gutenprint project page.

Or in any history of the Jomon period, which is about when Japanese
printers supported by Gutenprint where made.  Basically, for Epson,
you need to use Epson's line noise (and I mean worse than a bad Perl
program) "open source" driver which doesn't actually work correctly
for any of their printers that I've tried, and "open source" pretty
much rules out recent Canon printers entirely AFAICT.  Brother has a
reasonably good reputation (at least since Russ Nelson blogged them
over the head, nice and hard, about 7 years ago ;-), though it's not
clear whether they really "get" open source.  AFAICT of the major
printer vendors, you're pretty much restricted to HP.

Epson and Canon hardware is nice though.  So I do all my printing from
Macs. *shrug*

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