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Re: [tlug] Home printer suggestions: Demand Postscript

I'm an employee of a printer vendor, but please read my
e-mail as a personally.

2010/4/15 jep200404 <>:
> Nick Hastings wrote:
>> I'm looking for suggestions for a printer.
> The first and last word when selecting a printer to
> use with Unix or Linux is:
>   Postscript
>> - It should work (almost?) flawlessly with Linux and CUPS.
>   Postscript

Totally agreed, about laser printers.

If you want "Just print," very high quality is not needed, some
cheep "Postscript compatible" printers we have, e.g. Brother's
BR-Script printer.
But sometimes incompatibility between Adobe Postscript and
Postscript compatible languages cause problem and we'll get
wrong images.  It's not so often I think, but if you need very
high-quality, you should choose Adobe Postscript printer,
but because of license fee reason, such kind of printers are too

If you want small MFP, printer, scanner and fax, buy HP's one
and use HPLIP.  But it isn't my special, so I can't any advice.

About Inkjet models, some vendors provides their own drivers,
but in my feeling, trust open source project and use Gutenprint
driver.  Check supported printers in Gutenprint project page.

Naruhiko (Naru) Ogasawara

Naruhiko Ogasawara (

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