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[tlug] Home printer suggestions

Hi all,

I'm looking for suggestions for a printer. I've googled a bit but have
had trouble finding recent information that is relevant to the current
Japanese market.

I guess my needs are pretty similar to most home users, but to be clear,
here are a few points that would be relevant to my choice:

- It should work (almost?) flawlessly with Linux and CUPS.

- The printer would be used fairly infrequently: maybe a few pages per
- Only needs to print on A4 paper  
- Does not need to be "fast": eg 10 seconds/page is fine.  

- Colour printing required

- Quality does not need to be brilliant: ie not planing to use it for
  very high quality digital photos

- USB or network ok

- Availability of and Price of replacement cartridges should be "good"

- Built in extras such as SD card slots or a scanner are not needed
  (but a printer would not be excluded for having such things)
- A "smallish" foot print would be nice (but not essential): eg can be
  placed on the top of a largish tower case: ~= 40 cm x 20 cm

So, can anyone recommend a printer that would fit with all (or even most)
of points listed above? 

If I've not provided enough information please let me know.

Cheers and thanks,

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