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Re: [tlug] Disabling "Expire Messages" Function in KMail

Bruno Raoult writes:

 > For myself, as I did not find anything good enough, I use Outlook
 > Express via Wine. Just perfect for everything you just said (except
 > some minor details).  The *plus* (hehehe, you will cry!): As I pay
 > a license, I have a *real* guarantee, meaning it always works (and
 > I will not have to change as you guys all do every year).

Outlook Express simply doesn't work.  Oh, it may look like it works to
you the user, but that's because the rest of the world has to pay for
the crap it spews, and deal with special-casing stuff that otherwise
could be very simple, because Outlook Express doesn't handle standard
constructs correctly.

And who changes every year?  Not me.  I used VM from 1993 to 2001,
then switched to Gnus because it caused XEmacs to crash more often (I
was maintainer, so crashes that happen to me are a good thing) than VM
ever did until 2006, then I switched back to VM because Gnus didn't
crash XEmacs any more.

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