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Re: [tlug] ThinkCentre hardware debugging.

CL wrote:
> Edward Middleton wrote:
>> The machine posts but crashes soon after (all devices power down,
>> keyboard goes dead, but fans run).
> Do the fans just run in the low position or do they go full on?  If
> the latter, it's usually a sign of a hardware conflict or setup /
> driver problem ...

In changing through various configurations the fans have blown full on
but not when it actually posted.

>> I have cleaned the memory and gave the slot a brush with an air
>> brush. I have tried with other known working memory to no avail.
> ThinkCentres are extremely heat sensitive after a certain amount of
> dust enters.  They are also notorious for hiding dust in places where
> you don't see it unless you go looking for it.  Have you had at the
> fan blades with a Q-tip, the power supply vents with a vac, and have
> you removed the fascia plate from the front and vacuumed the grille in
> the metal stamped front plate?

Its pretty clean inside but I will reset the heat sink.  The guy at Otto
helpfully removed it while I was at the shop because I told him I wanted
to see exactly what junk was coming with my junk machine.  Any
recommendations on what heat sink to use?

>> I am currently thinking it might be the result of a failed BIOS flash
>> and will try the floppy based flash recovery procedure (first time I
>> have had a machine that will do this).
> That works ... if you follow all of the instructions ...

It sounds like a good clean might be in order before I try this.  It
seems to take longer to crash from a cold boot so overheating sound
pretty likely.

>> Does anyone have experience with this sort of machine or debugging this
>> sort of problem?   Does anyone have suggestions on how to debug this?
> Not sure you need debugging.  Sounds more like you need to disassemble
> the box and go at it with a large, powerful vac for about five
> minutes.  Don't ask how I know ...

The original intention was to use this as a replacement for an earlier
celeron server running my blog.   How stable are these machine after a
good cleanup?



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