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[tlug] Otto Used Computers in Akihabara Closing!

I was shocked and dismayed to discover yesterday that the Otto used computer shops in Akihabara are closing!  I have never found a better shop in Akihabara for getting my under-financed mitts on good used computers than this shop, so this is really bad news.  Basically, it's thanks to them that I was able to get into Linux and experiment with different distros on inexpensive boxes.

From what I understand, they are open until December 28th, so if you happen to be looking for a good used box, you might want to check them out - soon!  Here's the page with information about the closing used equipment shops:

And the company's main page:

The only thing I know about the Otto company is the used shops, so I don't know if the company will continue in reduced form or is if the whole operation is going down....

There are a couple of photos showing where the #2 Otto used computer shop is, here (on a very badly designed page):


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