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Re: [tlug] Otto Used Computers in Akihabara Closing!

Lyle H Saxon wrote:

I was shocked and dismayed to discover yesterday that the Otto used computer shops in Akihabara are closing! I have never found a better shop in Akihabara for getting my under-financed mitts on good used computers than this shop, so this is really bad news. Basically, it's thanks to them that I was able to get into Linux and experiment with different distros on inexpensive boxes.

Otto has been the main dealer for supporting my PC jones for several years. All of my Linux stuff gets tested on one of their boxes before getting moved to my main work machine, which is the only box in the house that was purpose built and not bought at Otto. You could put together a 2.5~3.1GHz P4 box with a 500Gb HDD and two Gb of ram for less than four man-en and run it until it broke. Unfortunately, we had a couple of close-by lightning strikes this summer that caused power surges that jumped the protectors and we lost my favorite ThinkCentre and a flat screen monitor.


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