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Re: [tlug] Bye to Suse, Hello to Kubuntu & Debian

Lyle H Saxon wrote:

Now that I've begun using KDE 4.1 for a while, I'm beginning to like
certain aspects of it.

I have to admit that, once I started playing with KDE 4.1 it did start making a lot more sense. Not sure if I actually like it or am just getting used to the clicking patterns.

I have had KDE 4.x on my earlier versions of Kubuntu for about eight months and prefer the way a whole lot of the KDE4 versions of the attached programs work. I still need to get past the issue of Kubuntu8.10 / KDE 4.1 not liking Python. Unfortunately, the problem went away on my 32-bit test mule installation on the NetVista without leaving a single clue as to why it now works ... not that I was particularly cluefull to begin with. It may have had something to do with the order in which I installed peripheral programs, but I can't be sure.

I still need to figure out how to get the virtual desktops back. With older versions of KDE (on Suse & Kubuntu), one of the first things I always did after a new install, was to increase the standard two(!!)

System Settings is on the first page of Kmenu. Just go to Desktop and you can add them there. I normally change to six desktops and keep specific programs running on each. Fortunately, KDE 4.x does away with those idiotic mouseover popups so that was one less irritating thing that needed immediate eradication.

desktops to four or five, and to turn off the idiotic setting that keeps every application open visible in the taskbar (wait a minute... the

If you access the taskbar setup, there is a checkbox for "show programs on all desktops" that you can uncheck. That is also one of the first things I do.

Probably the second thing I've done with Kubuntu is to immedately get Firefox installed!

Yes. But, 3.0.5 comes with a whole list of things that Firefox now does differently and also had to be re-learned. I'm getting used to it, but I'd love to have mnenhy back as an add-on.


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