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Re: [tlug] ThinkCentre hardware debugging.

Edward Middleton wrote:

I am replying to this email because it is somewhat related. Thanks to
Lyles email I decided to try my luck on a Otto untested ThinkCentre A51
8425 11j

8>< schnitt

The machine posts but crashes soon after (all devices power down,
keyboard goes dead, but fans run).  According to the manual the green
light on the power supply and the green light on the front panel
indicate that the motherboard and power supply is working.

Do the fans just run in the low position or do they go full on? If the latter, it's usually a sign of a hardware conflict or setup / driver problem ... not necessarily fatal, usually easily fixable, but something in need of correction if you want to still have the use of your machine in 36 hours.

I have cleaned the memory and gave the slot a brush with an air brush. I have tried with other known working memory to no avail.

ThinkCentres are extremely heat sensitive after a certain amount of dust enters. They are also notorious for hiding dust in places where you don't see it unless you go looking for it. Have you had at the fan blades with a Q-tip, the power supply vents with a vac, and have you removed the fascia plate from the front and vacuumed the grille in the metal stamped front plate?

I am currently thinking it might be the result of a failed BIOS flash
and will try the floppy based flash recovery procedure (first time I
have had a machine that will do this).

That works ... if you follow all of the instructions ...

Does anyone have experience with this sort of machine or debugging this
sort of problem?   Does anyone have suggestions on how to debug this?

Not sure you need debugging. Sounds more like you need to disassemble the box and go at it with a large, powerful vac for about five minutes. Don't ask how I know ...


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