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Re: [tlug] Quoting...yet again

Josh Glover writes:

 > Discussion about TLUG list policy must take place on tlug-admin@, as
 > it is off topic for this list, which should be about "Linux, *BSD
 > (FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD) and general open source discussions",

At the risk of getting a mod bit, I must dissent.  My impression was
that this is not so much about the TLUG policy (which all accept AIUI)
as about a change in OSS community mores, which is presumably fostered
by a change in the software itself.

I also find it amusing that it's me aka "Mr. XEmacs" and Curt aka
"Mr. vi" who are discussing "how best to use a mouse to trim quotes"!

Where are the "Mouse Power" users to point out best practices?

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