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Re: [tlug] Quoting...yet again

On 2008-12-21 09:45 -0500 (Sun), Scott Robbins wrote:

> We've gone through this many times.  The eventual decision was that
> inline posting is preferred....

Indeed that is the case.

On 2008-12-21 11:39 -0500 (Sun), Scott Robbins wrote:

> Please don't top post and please trim.  It's what the majority of list
> members want.

This I've never seen hard evidence of. Every time I've seen it go by
before, it has been because Josh highly dislikes top-posting, and he
runs the list.

> Ok, for those who write me and ask me to point out to people that they
> should trim and not top post, I'm afraid I'm going to leave it to you to
> do so yourselves in the future.  It's how we used to it, and it worked.

This seems quite reasonable to me. Probably we'll see more top-posting,
and fewer discussions about it. I'm fine with that; I put up with a
fair number of things on this list that I consider more rude (excessive
quoting before or within a message) (overly long [more than 3-5 line]
signatures), etc., some of these from people who complain about

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