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Re: Gnu/Solaris System . . . . . (was: Re: [tlug] Solaris to copy Linux)

On Sun, 8 Jul 2007, wrote:

I can see it now, RMS insisting that it's the "Gnu/Solaris" system,
not just Solaris.

If you're going to go down that route, it should really be a Solaris 2/Gnu/SunOS 5 system, or even Solaris 2/BSD/Gnu/SunOS 5 system for those who put /usr/ucb near the front of their command search path. Whether one would say Solaris 1/BSD/SunOS 4 or just Solaris 1/SunOS 4 for the system often referred to as "SunOS" could be quite an interesting debate.

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