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[tlug] Video Editing Soft & Formats


I have a Hitachi video cam. It's a DVD Wooo 3MPx.

I have no idea about video editing, so after after googling I found a
lot of programs to edit video under Linux. Kino, Cinelerra and so
The problem I have is the format. The cam give me the option to make a
VR Video. I read somewhere that VR video is better for editing, so I
format it with the VR format.
Actually I can see the video under Linux with Xine but I can't edit it
because Cinelerra and Kino said that the format is unsupported.

I found a lot of sites that talk about convert the VR format to some
other one... I wonder if the problem is that the VR format is
unsupported by Kino or Cinelerra or I just need to make some step

So I ask to video editing people in the. What do you usually do to
take the video from the cam and convert it in a format that could be

Thank you in advance.


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