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Re: [tlug] Networking two Linux computers harder than Linux toWindows?

Dave M G wrote:
Stephen, Scott,

Thank you for responding.

Scott said:
Or, have you looked in /etc/init.d to see if there is an nfs--or perhaps

I did find nfs-kernel-server, so I ran that.
$ sudo sh /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start
* Exporting directories for NFS kernel daemon... exportfs: /etc/exports [2]: Neither 'subtree_check' or 'no_subtree_check' specified for export "".
Assuming default behaviour ('subtree_check').
NOTE: this default will change with nfs-utils version 1.1.0 [ OK ]
* Starting NFS kernel daemon [ OK ]

Those OK notes look encouraging.

The thing is, is there a command I should be running on the client? The notes I've seen seem to only talk about a server.

Stephen said:
> 5. I then attempt to make a connection:
> $sudo mount /home/meg/daves_machine
> When I ran this last command, it didn't return to a command prompt,
This is bad, it should only take a couple of seconds to determine that
NFS server is or is not running. How long did you wait?
Ages. As I'm writing this it's still waiting, and has been for a good ten minutes.

Stephen said:
mount doesn't create directories. It attaches a filesystem to an
existing directory.
Ah. Thanks for clearing that up. I've now ensured that there is a directory for the mount command to attach the network share too.


So it appears that if I kept reading, then I wouldn't have needed to send off the last email. You shouldn't need to start any services on the client computer. If you add the filesystem into the /etc/fstab then you should be able to just issue the mount <mount point> command. If the entry is not in fstab then you would have to use:

   mount -t nfs <server>:<server dir> <local mount point>


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