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Re: [tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop?

On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 07:20:36PM +0200, Niels KobschÃtzki wrote:
> On Apr 12, 2007, at 4:29 PM, Scott Robbins wrote:
> >45 minutes for them to test it.
> That's the reason why everyone in the Mac-community tells one usually that you 
> should get a MAC OS X-compatible WLAN-USB-stick instead of an internal airport 
> card if it's defect. Cheaper, if you've done the right choice you have an 
> external antenna and you can use the funky Kismac-stuff for eh...having a 
> greater choice in "open" networks ;)

Gee, it's Jonathan's fault then--when he told me I should get one (7
years ago?  When did we meet in Tokyo) he didn't mention it.  

> And ehâI would ask some friends for lending their airport card for testing 
> itâ create a new account or use the hardware-check-disc which is shipped with 
> every mac, booted from a rescue system or from another Macâ
> It's more or less the same as with a non-Apple-machineâ

Yes, I know.  As I said, my main purpose was to vent.  Unfortunately,
finding someone with that older card is difficult.  I haven't even had a
chance to try with a new account, or run the hardware check, all that is

Please take my posts as good natured venting rather than a request for

> With a laptop the problem stays the same except of RAM (you should take care 
> that you've buy from a shop who knows which RAM an Apple-computer takes w/out 
> any problemsâI had never problems but I never wanted to buy no name-RAM as 
> well) and ehâMini-PCI-cards (usually WLAN - solution explained above).

My big problem is that Apple discontinued this card.  Actually, even
with a PC it might be an issue (though we have a few kicking around at
work) because now they all have builtin ethernet.  

> >they're so much more popular than MS--at least until Vista, one didn't
> >need special hardware to run an MS system.
> You don't even need special hardware for Vista - only if you want the fancy 
> stuff.

I wasn't sure--I figured though, that if I dared compare Mac to MS, I
better cover all bases.  :)

[Good points about the usual high quality of Apple hardware ruthlessly

I have to agree that if I had the choice of hardware, I'd probably
choose Apple unless the price difference was really noticeable.  In
general, I can't think of any MS laptops I have around here which are as
old as the Apple and run as well. (This has a G3--probably 850, and 383
megs of RAM or whatever it is around that figure.) 

The other reason I wouldn't get her an MS machine at this point is that she
and her friends will send, download and click on anything.  



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