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Re: [tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop?

On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 12:50:21PM +0900, Uva Coder wrote:
> On 4/11/07, Jonathan Q <> wrote:
> >
> >Anyone running VMWare on a Mac? If so, do they have this problem solved?
> I`m using VMware Fusion (hosted) on a MacBookPro. The problem
> persists. However, from what I have been told about VMware ESX (VMware
> Infrastructure 3), the problem was solved. Once I receive a copy of
> VMware Infrastructure 3 over the next couple of weeks, I`ll confirm.

One downside of Macs, that everyone forgets till it bites them, is their
proprietary hardware problem.  For instance, my wife's airport card
seems to not be working.  Mac, of course, stopped making this particular
card, it's now only available for $140 dollars here and there with a 90
day guarantee.  Is it the airport card?  I don't know.  

If it were a PC, I could easily boot a Linux CD and see, swap cards,
etc.  Because it's Mac, I have to go to the local Apple
store--fortunately I'm in NYC, so there is one, take a number and wait
45 minutes for them to test it.  

With a PC, I could buy it (more cheaply) put Linux or BSD on it, and if
there were a similar problem, easily check by swapping readily available

Macs are great when they work--when they don't, one begins to wonder why
they're so much more popular than MS--at least until Vista, one didn't
need special hardware to run an MS system.  

Ah, I feel so much better now that I've vented.  :)

And it's all Jonathan's fault, he's the one that suggested I get her a
Mac all those years ago (yeah, it's the same one that I bought then.
This is why its airport card has been discontinued. )



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