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Re: [tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop?

On 4/10/2007, "Micheal Cooper" <> wrote:

>Yes, I find my VM to be at least as fast as the brand-new Dell from
>which I "transported" the image.
>All in all, I would recommend this setup to anyone.

The only caveat regarding Linux in a Parallels VM is that because
Parallels has not yet developed Parallels tools for Linux, you have no
access to the Mac clipboard or file system from within a Linux VM. You
can get around the file system issue by using NFS or sshfs, but I'm not
aware of any workaround for the clipboard issue. I did read on some
Parallels blog that they are looking into Parallels tools for Linux, but
that sounds like it means it's a long way off.

Anyone running VMWare on a Mac? If so, do they have this problem solved?


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