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Re: [tlug] Internal Server Error with phpMyAdmin [SOLVED]

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 05:13:32PM +0900, Dave M G wrote:
> Stephen, Godwin,
> Thank you for responding.
> >You may want to try changing the line to
> >Options -Indexes -FollowSymLinks
> I tried this, but then I get the "Internal Server Error" message again.
> I'm confused about how I'm supposed to have the right level of security, 
> but at the same time actually be able to use phpMyAdmin.

Actually I believe this has something to do with the AllowOverride
directive in the main apache configuration. You get the internal server
error because you are not allowed to ovverride the FollowSymLinks
directive in local .htaccess files.

Under this perspective phpMyAdmin was opening a security hole but it
hasn't been allowed by a sane global apache configuration ;)


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