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Re: [tlug] how filesystem works?

On Mon, 02 Apr 2007 13:51:01 +0900
"Stephen J. Turnbull" <> wrote:

> Stuart Luppescu writes:
>  > This is something I never understood. Someone told me to put /var in its 
>  > own partition because if it fills us (with log files, or whatever) it 
>  > will crowd out other stuff and make the computer unusable.

Yes, but only a few things will not work anymore. The majority
of the system is still healthy. While a filled root partition
is something very hard to recover from.

> If you do quarantine /var, you can boot to single-user (or simply stop
> daemons etc that use /var, but that's tricky), find space on another
> partition, mv (or "gzip >") the logs (mail spool, etc) there, and
> restart the system.  Also, any write operation on another partition
> will succeed, you won't lose data.

That's the reason why i generally seperate /var/log from the rest of /var.
If my log space fills up, i still want that the rest works normaly.

At least on servers. On desktop machines i converted to the 
one partition fits all fraction. It's a lot easier to estimate
the correct size of one partition (= the whole disk) than 3-5 of
them. And if a desktop fails to work, then it isn't the end of the
world, as there is always a knoppix around and reboot is possible.
Which isn't the case for most servers.

			Attila Kinali

Praised are the Fountains of Shelieth, the silver harp of the waters,
But blest in my name forever this stream that stanched my thirst!
                         -- Deed of Morred

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