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Re: [tlug] Graphics drawing libraries

On 01/03/06, Zev Blut <> wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Mar 2006 20:59:23 +0900, Ian Wells <> wrote:
> > I'm more interested in drawing diagrams than transforming images.
> > Although Imager is a new one on me for doing the latter...
> What type of diagrams?
> I really like graphviz []  for a number of
> my diagram needs.
> Zev

Mainly Excel-style graphing stuff, to be honest.  But GD::Graph was a
step too far in the ugly direction for what I wanted, so I did it
myself.  (Yes, reinventing the wheel, but graph drawing is not exactly
rocket science.)

>From another post, someone mentioned qwt, but since we're talking a
web interface (i.e. PNG writing) I don't think it's suitable.  (SVG
would be the right technology to use, but falls down on a lack of
actual web browser implementations.)


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