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Re: [tlug] Japanese regex question

On 8/29/05, Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:

> >>>>> "Ben" == Ben K Bullock <> writes:
>     Ben> So it's actually a very sensible compromise to have a utf-8
>     Ben> handle, I think; it doesn't break legacy code.
> Please note that my proposal also does not turn the existing breakage
> in legacy code into a showstopper; it simply requires the programmer
> or user to admit that the legacy code is broken by _explicitly_ using
> a backward compatibility option.

Your proposal is excellent, Stephen, and you will be happy to know
that is how things work (or rather, will work) in Perl 6. There is a
'use Perl5' pragma that causes Just-In-Time compilation of Perl 5
source to Parrot bytecode.

What Ben says about the 'use utf-8' pragma is true of Perl 5.6, but
not of Perl 5.8, which is the first Perl version to use Unicode
internally for *all strings*. The Perl documentation agrees with
Stephen that 'use utf-8' was a poor design choice:'s_Unicode_Support

> If we had started making legacy code embarrassing in 1995, most of the
> people on this list wouldn't know there was a problem, because most of
> the programs they use were written since then.

Very true.


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