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[tlug] Japanese regex question

I'm baaaaaaack! :)

Well, I'm still on admin but haven't had time to read the main list in 
too long.

And of course, it was having an odd problem that dragged me back :)

I have a basic regular expression targetted at raw iso-2022-jp text.  
The word I'm targetting is ナンパ and the regex is (?:

The trouble is, it also seems to be matching リンパ and I can't figure out 
why, because where ナンパ is 25 4A 25 73 25 51, リンパ is 25 6A 25 73 25 51.

The regexes used by this application are perl, but the app itself is 
written in C and uses the PCRE library, in case anyone knows of any 
relevance there.

Any perl gurus out there got any ideas on this one?



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