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Re: [tlug] Japanese regex question

>>>>> "Tod" == Tod McQuillin <> writes:

    Tod> Yeah but the regex engine doesn't know it's not ascii.

Urk.  "Unidentified unibyte ASCII-superset", if you please!

    Tod> Unless you use unicode, it will interpret the strings as
    Tod> strings of 8-bit bytes, not as non-ascii multibyte
    Tod> characters.

Nice call!  For those of you who haven't thought carefully about it
yet, those matching 4/6 and 5/7 first-nibble pairs in the ambiguous
match positions are a dead giveaway.

We had a post on this kind of issue (ambiguous matches in UTF-8) a
couple months back, too.   It's worth trying to remember this one.

    Tod> Probably the only proper way to do this is to convert
    Tod> everything to unicode first.

This is all so stupid.  XEmacs has been doing this (badly) for almost
a decade, Mule for another 3 or 4 years longer than that.  Why Perl
and Python failed to seize the opportunity to do it right when they
added Unicode support I'll never know.

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