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Re: [tlug] Japanese fonts don't look so hot in FireFox/CentOS

Dave Gutteridge wrote:
>    I've noticed that for a lot of web pages I go to, the default 
> Japanese font for UTF-8 encodings looks pretty nasty.

The problem is, I believe, that it's not a "default Japanese font" at 
all, but rather a (supposedly universal) Unicode font--i.e. it supports 
all or most of the languages covered by Unicode--and there aren't very 
many of those in existence, especially not free ones. If you look at 
your browser preferences, you will probably find that you don't have 
very many choices for Unicode fonts, and none of them have great-looking 

It's probably possible to fool your system into thinking that one or 
more Japanese fonts are Unicode fonts. You used to be able to do that 
kind of thing by tweaking fonts.alias files, but GTK2 (and thus Firefox) 
  has its own font management system now--fontconfig--so you'll need to 
learn about that. I know where to find the config files (usually 
someplace like /etc/fonts) and how to set the search path for fonts, and 
that's about it, so I can't help much as of now.

If you do find out how to do this, I'm sure many on this list will find 
the information useful.

Matt Gushee
Englewood, CO, USA

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