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[tlug] Japanese fonts don't look so hot in FireFox/CentOS

    I've noticed that for a lot of web pages I go to, the default 
Japanese font for UTF-8 encodings looks pretty nasty. It's really 
compressed and not aliased or anything. I'm somewhat certain that better 
fonts probably exist, but I'm not entirely sure which problem I should 
be addressing. Is this a FireFox issue? A Linux issue? An installed 
fonts issue? I'm so uninformed that I'm not even sure what question to ask.

    When I type in Japanese or recieve Japanese email, the font looks 
okay. I've noticed that the fonts will change depending on whether or 
not I use UTF-8, EUC-JP, Shift JIS, or whatever. Some look better than 
others, but just about all of them look better in Thunderbird than what 
I get on most web pages.

    What should I be looking to change here? Install some new fonts? 
Change settings? Am I just stuck depending on what encoding the pages are?


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