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Re: [tlug] Linux Laptop

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On Sun, Aug 28, 2005 at 04:13:55PM -0400, Josh wrote:
> On 8/28/05, David J Iannucci <> wrote:
> > You can go even easier on your hands by learning how to use the
> > keyboard for navigation, [...] if you use a window manager that has good
> > support for it, like IceWM.
> Fluxbox is also a great window manager in this sense, as it is super
> light-weight, and easy to configure, keybindings included. Scott
> Robbins has a good page on it.

Every person's wants in a Window Manager vary.  I don't want icons, I
want to be able to have a lot of xterms that I can move out of the way
with keystrokes.  The evilwm and weewm can both do it as well, but I
like my flux transparent menu eye candy.  Also, weewm has a limit,
AFAICT, on what you can do with keystrokes. If there are too many items
in the their keys file, the last items simply don't work. I got around
this by getting rid of several that I wouldn't use.  

> In my version of Firefox, Ctrl-Tab moves to the next tab. Just like
> Alt-Tab for windows, in most distros' default window manager
> keybindings.

Me too, with every version of Firefox that I've been using.  In
about:config, I also change the singleWindow whatever (type single in
the filter and the menu item comes up) toggling it to true so that links
open in new tabs.

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Scott Robbins

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What exactly does buildworld build anyway?  If it really does
build the world then there's the mother of all bug reports to file
somewhere!  (It's a FreeBSD joke)
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