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Re: [tlug] Japanese page has been revised

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On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 08:30:09PM -0600, Matt Gushee wrote:

> BTW, I've tried several Japanese Linux distros, both free-as-in-beer and 
> for-pay. Wasn't really impressed with any of them; the last one I tried was 
> Kondara, but I was scared away by their voodoo kernels. Anyhow, their target 
> market is actual Japanese people. Like, I suspect, most gaijin who use 
> Japanese, my Linux needs & prefs are a bit eccentric.

These days, especially, my need for Japanese is less than it used to
be--in my old company, I was dealing with Japanese customers, and
corresponding with a lot of people.  Nowadays, it's basically to print
out something for my wife, or write my inlaws.  

I played with Berry recently, it seems nice enough, though by default,
it goes for a Japanese keyboard.  I was trying to edit .bash_profile and
couldn't find the underscore, but was too amused by my own incompetence
to bother changing the keyboard map.  :)

Which to digress still further reminds me of my last time in Japan and
using my father-in-law's computer, and having to look for two minutes to

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