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Re: [tlug] Japanese page has been revised

Scott Robbins wrote:

>>>And thank you for writing it. At some point I'll undoubtedly make use of your 
>>>Arch Linux info ... my old kinput2/canna setup is working okay, but sooner or 
>>>later I'll need something better. Your thorough coverage of the detailed 
>>>procedures will come in handy.
> Have you been following the mailing list discussions between Damir, a
> few others and myself?  

Nope, missed that. Which list was it on? I'm on the TUR list, since for 
a while I was very gung-ho about creating Arch packages, but I hadn't 
really noticed other Arch mailing lists. I've gotten the impression that 
the forums were the main vehicle for communication among Archers.

>>>I do think, though, that someone, somewhere ought to provide an overview of how 
>>>Japanese input works and what kinds of software components are needed.

> I think Dr. Mike's page does that, doesn't it?  

I had forgotten that one. It's not bad, but it seems to have mostly very 
introductory-level general info and details about specific systems. I 
perceive a broad gap in between those two levels. Normally it wouldn't 
matter so much, since these days a lot of Linux software Just Works 
[tm]. But, as most of us have experienced, Japanese input often doesn't 
J.W., so end users often need a bit more knowledge to set it up.

> I'm an end user, so I'm not the one.  :)

I don't know about that. The developers of a system often have trouble 
understanding what end users need to know about it, whereas users who do 
the right research can often write very good documentation. If I were a 
little less busy trying to scratch out a meager living, I might consider 
doing it, but in any case it would take many hours to bring my knowledge 
  up to date.

> Anyway, as far as Arch, I would say setting the entire thing up took me
> about 10 minutes if that.  If the pacman versions work for you, it takes
> even less.

Thanks. You've prodded me into trying it, though it wasn't quite that 
easy for me (more on that in another post).

Matt Gushee
Englewood, CO, USA

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