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Re: [tlug] empty rows (PostgreSQL)

On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 05:46:29PM +0900, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Ah, so we were "projecting".  Speaking for myself, I would not have
> meant what you wrote "kindly and gently"!  Sorry!  You're still
> welcome to the drink.  :-)

I'll take the drink!
And consider a bit more carefully the next time I post. 

>     Edward> But this was not in any way related to Unix...... (unless
>     Edward> you consider that you can run PHP on Unix makes it
>     Edward> relevant)
> Hmm ... I see it as relevant, but mostly because this list isn't
> really about Linux (which is a kernel) or even about the GNU System
> with Linux as the kernel, but about real sysadmin'ing for the masses.

Ok. But how wide do you cast your definition? Even though there is
overlap, I don't usually think of web programming as sysadmin'ing.

> The thing that has always driven me up the wall about a certain set of
> not-so-new-bies is the lack of responsibility they advocate, or at
> least encourage by omission.

Point taken. But, in practical terms, it just ain't reaonable to cover
all the security ramifications in a short post. And while security is
certainly relevant here, it's not a security list. We got bugtraq and
the like for that. (And the volume there is nearly overwhelming...)

> Exposing a database to the Internet via PHP is (last I heard) a fairly
> risky business---any of the usual scripting languages (Python, Java,
> even Perl) would be a better choice for a newbie.  

<short rant>
But newbiews love PHP 'cause it's easy....
One of my several beefs with PHP is that is seems to me to have been
written from the point of view of providing people who have no idea
what they're doing with a bunch of dangerous capabilities. The other
languages may be more difficult to learn, but if you make the effort,
hopefully you will have acquired at least some "clue" in the process.
</short rant>

> Ain't no
> kernel weenies here; ain't no device-driver weenies here ('ceptin'
> Chris, Best Beloved, and he don't talk about that here[1])

But why don't he talk about that here? And why don't you talk about
development issues here? Certainly those are relevant to Unix/Linux/
Sysadmin and so on. Maybe you guys just don't talk about it. But my
guess is you talk about it somewhere more suitable.

Which is really the gist of my argument (at least this one). With a
few degrees of separation, everything becomes relevant. But (and this
is personal) I like the volume, and most of the content, on this list.
I think it's good to try to keep it "on topic", whatever that is....
which is what we're discussing (I think). 


[Disclaimer: The contents are my opinions, and are not in any way to
be construed to imply that anyone, anywhere, agrees with them. They
are offered in the interest of open discussion with absolutely no
intent to offend any reader, nor to denigrate the opinions expressed
by any other person. Whew. ]

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