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Re: [tlug] empty rows (PostgreSQL)

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 15:27:52 +0900, Edward Wright <> wrote:

> IMHO, yes. Nothing wrong with the question. But there are a bazillion (or so)
> newsgroups, mailing lists, web sites, books, etc. dealing with all sorts of
> things.... and I think the "thing" we're dealing with here is mainly linux
> related issues. Anyway... just my opinion...

So don't reply to the message, and tell your mailer to ignore the
thread. Let the people who want to reward the poster for doing no
homework have a ball. (This is one of the many reasons not to hijack
threads--your post might get ignored because it appears to be part of
a thread that people are ignoring.)

While the BOFH part of me agrees with you whole-heartedly, there is a
kinder, gentler part of me that remembers when I did not know shit
about Unix. This part is grateful for the times when I asked st00pid
questions on TLUG and was told where to look for the answer, if not
actually given it (which, IMO, is preferable--the "teach a man to
fish" school of being helpful).

And part of my own maturation as a Unix d00d involved answering basic
questions, overjoyed that I actually could be of help to others. I saw
it as repaying the SJTs, Jonathan Byrnes, and Chris Sekiyas of the
world who had helped me along the Unix Path.

So, I would posit that the best way to deal with posts like the one
that started this thread is to ignore them, if you think the OP should
have Googled. Let others help if they want to. After all, that is the
way technical mailing lists work--certain questions just don't get
answered, because no-one wants to answer them. That is part of
learning how to be a useful list member.

> (And... I think doing your homework is generally considered a prerequisite
> to posting here.....)

While I would love it if that were the case, I am afraid that I must
share wileyc's amused chortle. :)


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