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[tlug] debian testing network setup

I installed debian testing by installing stable first and then apt-get 
dist-upgrade, after setting the sources.list appropriately.  This all 
went fine.

I then upgraded the kernel-image to 2.4.27 but after I rebooted I could 
no longer connect to the network.
I tried:
# ifup eth0
and got a "device not found" error.
I checked out the /etc/network settings and they seem fine, and they 
were working OK for the 2.2 kernel.

I've tried googling for "debian 2.2 2.4 kernel upgrade" and the like but 
without luck so far.  Where should I start looking for the problem?

P4, Intel 865G chipset, RealTek RTL8101L on-board LAN.

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