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Re: [tlug] debian testing network setup

simon colston wrote:

> I installed debian testing by installing stable first and then apt-get 
> dist-upgrade, after setting the sources.list appropriately.  This all 
> went fine.
> I then upgraded the kernel-image to 2.4.27 but after I rebooted I 
> could no longer connect to the network.
> I tried:
> # ifup eth0
> and got a "device not found" error.
> I checked out the /etc/network settings and they seem fine, and they 
> were working OK for the 2.2 kernel.
> I've tried googling for "debian 2.2 2.4 kernel upgrade" and the like 
> but without luck so far.  Where should I start looking for the problem?
> Hardware:
> P4, Intel 865G chipset, RealTek RTL8101L on-board LAN.

If make new Kernel Possible not configure the net module in the Kernel
to see load modules


#cat /proc/pci | grep Ethernet
#dmesg | grep eth

If nothing shows than module for your network card is not configured in 
the Kernel and need to recompile Kernel again.

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