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[tlug] SCO's website gets defaced

Hi all,

I'm sure this is old news to most.  It hit all the news sites this
morning.  But if any of you want to see screenshots of the site, I have
placed them here:

I posted this to the Salt Lake Linux Users Group earlier today and there 
were several hits to the site.  So, it seems some people might have 
missed the originally postings...

I think Linux Weekly News ( has it right when they say "This
crack may be good for a quick smile, but attacks of this nature are not
the way to defeat SCO. Look for the inevitable "see how Linux users
behave" press release in the near future".  In fact, there's no way for 
SCO to say for sure that a Linux user did this...but they are very quick 
to spin things in a light they seem to look best in.

Marc Christensen

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