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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 15:10:54 +0900
"Stephen J. Turnbull" <> wrote:

> >>>>> "David" == David J Iannucci <David> writes:
>     David> after you've shut the system down and restarted, it doesn't
>     David> remember anything that has gone before.
> Make sure that your wife has a user dictionary (on Debian systems they
> live in /var/lib/canna/dic/user/ and have the /etc/passwd user name).
> If it's not there, the reason is possibly that (a) cannaserver doesn't
> have permission to write that directory (check the directory owner and
> mode and also make sure the cannaserver is running under the right
> user)

You may need to create the user dictionary manually with the "mkdic user"

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