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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

>>>>> "sakewish" == sakewish  <> writes:

    sakewish>      The base system I use is very minimal having only 9
    sakewish> source tarballs.  The current system I'm using has 25
    sakewish> (includes compiler(s), xfree86 & support).  Fewer is
    sakewish> better.

OK, I'd take a look at Scott's page, for sure.

Personally, I use Canna.  Currently I use the Debian package, but on
several occasions I have built from source (ordinary tarballs, not by
using debbuild).  No problems.  Medium complexity system.  Haven't
used anything else on Linux in about 8 years.

I've never successfully built all of Wnn, but I haven't tried since
Omron took Wnn6 proprietary and the FreeWnn project started.  Probably
FreeWnn is pretty easy to build.  It requires adding users to your
system, and it's quite complex for this class of software.  Old Wnn
assumed X was present at build time (although it's unneeded for use)
and used Imake for configuration.  YMMV, and as I say I haven't built
or used it in years.

Anthy is small, I'd guess about 1/3 of the size of Canna or Wnn, but
the dominating size issue is the dictionaries (3-5MB).  No experience,
but it's small.  Small is good, right?  :-)  It does rely on the Canna

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