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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

     Thanks again for all the input about input, etc. 
Since my last message I spent some time attempting to
install uim-anthy.  Unfortunately the best I could do
was a segmentation fault.  Scrapping this, I turned to
canna and kinput2.  These, along with several support
libraries are now successfully installed.  The canna
server appears to be running correctly and accepts
kinput2 as a client.
     But of course there is more to the story.  I also
installed both Eterm & rxvt as test applications.  I
spent a lot of time (at least my wife thinks so)
trying to get the ./configure command correct for
Eterm, less so for rxvt.  Still no success at runtime.
 Upon starting Eterm, I get the following console

"Warning: Locale not supported; defaulting to portable
"C" locale"

     I think this is an issue with "X" rather than
with Eterm, or kinput2, or the canna server.  I'm
currently using XF86-4.2 installed from the basic 12
binaries plus Xprogs.  The interface is twm.
     Any thoughts???
     Oh yeah, and I haven't been able to successfully
install kterm with the new compilers.  Probably needs
a patch & I haven't had time, or inclination, to track
one down or figure it out.

--- sakewish <> wrote:

> All,
>      I run a "minimal" home-made linux system.  Am
> looking to add Japanese input support.  If you have
> experience with this please let me know as I've been
> able to find little on the net (except a lot of
> dead-end links).
> Thanks...
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