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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

>>>>> "sakewish" == sakewish  <> writes:

    sakewish> Upon starting Eterm, I get the following console
    sakewish> message:

The Enheaviment Terminal?  My idea of what you consider "minimal" just
gained about 1 Mai-no-umi.

    sakewish> "Warning: Locale not supported; defaulting to portable
    sakewish> "C" locale"

    sakewish>      I think this is an issue with "X" rather than with
    sakewish> Eterm, or kinput2, or the canna server.

I think this looks like an issue with libc.  That looks like the
message that XFree86 issues when it tries to do setlocale() and fails.

What locale do you start Eterm in?  What locales does your glibc know
about?  I think you have to tell glibc about locales with the
localegen command, although that may be a Debianism.

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