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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

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On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 02:40:31AM -0700, sakewish wrote:
> All,
 These, along with several support
> libraries are now successfully installed.  The canna
> server appears to be running correctly and accepts
> kinput2 as a client.
>      But of course there is more to the story.  I also
> installed both Eterm & rxvt as test applications.  I
> spent a lot of time (at least my wife thinks so)
> trying to get the ./configure command correct for
> Eterm, less so for rxvt.  Still no success at runtime.

Firstly, please don't top post (that is, reply to a post above the part
that you're answering--otherwise, it's like

Yes please.
With cream and sugar
Would you like coffee?
How would you like it.  :)

>  Upon starting Eterm, I get the following console
> message:
> "Warning: Locale not supported; defaulting to portable
> "C" locale"

I haven't followed this thread from the beginning, so not sure which
distribution you're using.

I don't know if you've seen my page on Japanese in *nix at  

It has some tips here.  Not sure about eterm, but with rxvt you have to
use the older version not the devel version.  You want 2.6 or something
like that, it's on the page.
The coniguration options are --enable-xim --enable-kanji
(Sometimes, you can skip the xim and get away with it.)

As for starting it in X first do
locale -a | grep ja_JP

and see what you get with EUC--it might be ja_JP.eucJP or ja_JP-EUCJP,
etc.  Then, in X

(change the eucJP to whatever your result was with the locale -a, eg,
ja_JP.EUCjp or whatever.)

Also, be sure that both cannaserver is running 

ps ax | grep cannaserver

and that kinput2 is running  (same command, just change cannaserver to

As I said, I haven't followed this thread, so don't know how experienced
you are.

If they aren't running, then, <dohh> start them.  (Canna may have to be
started as root or with root privilege, kinput2 can be started as local

kinput2 -canna &

if that LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.eucJP doesn't work, then you can also try setting
LANG (which will put your menus in Japanese as well) and/or LC_ALL to
the ja_JP.

Again, my page goes into it in more detail, with notes on different
distributions--for instance, if you're using Deb, you also need
locale-conf or something like that (too lazy to look at my own page at
this instant.)  :)

> install kterm with the new compilers.  Probably needs
> a patch & I haven't had time, or inclination, to track
> one down or figure it out.

Actually, you might find rxvt preferable to kterm, (but this of course,
is a matter of personal preference).

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Scott Robbins

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