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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

>>>>> "David" == David J Iannucci <David> writes:

    David> after you've shut the system down and restarted, it doesn't
    David> remember anything that has gone before.

Make sure that your wife has a user dictionary (on Debian systems they
live in /var/lib/canna/dic/user/ and have the /etc/passwd user name).
If it's not there, the reason is possibly that (a) cannaserver doesn't
have permission to write that directory (check the directory owner and
mode and also make sure the cannaserver is running under the right
user) or (b) she's shutting down the system by pulling the plug or the
like, and canna doesn't get a chance to save its dictionary (unlikely,
I think it saves at the time of registration).

If she has the dictionary, she may need to mount it.  Dunno how to do
that, according to the manual you can do it manually via [Help] then
jisho-mount (Emacs access canna facilities differently, it doesn't
have a [Help] key.  To do this automatically, you probably need to
customize a ~/.canna file or the like.

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