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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

David J Iannucci wrote:

>I've recently got my wife using Linux and Canna.  She writes
>a lot more J mail than me, and has noticed, to her increasing
>irritation, that Canna doesn't seem to remember conversions
>across sessions, and often comes up with some stupid conversion
>the first time.  After setting a conversion once, it will
>usually remember after that (one exception we've found is that
>if the conversion is to katakana, such as a name like "kazu",
>it seems to fail to remember and goes back to its first kanji
>choice), but after you've shut the system down and restarted,
>it doesn't remember anything that has gone before.

I have no answers at all, but just thought I'd mention that I'm in the 
same boat!  I succeeded in getting my wife moved over to Linux, but 
every time she does a bit of writing, she also gets to griping about the 
input system!  I even bought ATOK-X for Linux, but when I attempt to 
follow the installation instructions - which were written for:

LASERS Linux 6.2
OPEN Linux 2.3
Red Hat Linux 6.2
TurboLinux 6.0
Vine Linux 2.0 CR

- I am not successful in getting things running.  No mention of SuSE 
unfortunately, although I was able to get something installed via YAST, 
but haven't had any success in getting it to work.  Shamefaced, I must 
admit I'm a desktop user!  Hours and hours spent working on Linux 
frantically trying to catch up on writing and photography projects and 
never enough time to get down into the engine room and properly learn 
how the ship's engines work.

I'll try some more Internet searches, but if anyone knows of 
instructions sitting out there for getting ATOK-X for Linux running on 
Linux, I would be forever grateful.

Speaking of which - someone recommended SciTE as a text editor and 
(after trying a different one) I've been using it ever since.  Every 
time I fire it up I think "Thank you kind soul who recommended it!".  I 
use it in conjunction with EditPad Pro - I like writing within EditPad 
Pro, but use SciTE for nearly all text clipboard related activities.  As 
both SciTE and EditPad Pro can access the same file at the same time, I 
can dump things into a file via SciTE and then work with it in EditPad 
Pro.  (Actually, this works best when saves are only made on the SciTE 
side and then the material is copy-pasted over to another tab within 
EditPad Pro.  While copy-pasting *into* EditPad Pro is a problem, 
copy-pasting *from* it and *within* it are not.)


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