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Re: [tlug] Re: OT: Chicago Style

> Why, I believe you've caught the Manual in a punctuation error!  Of
> course there should be a period after "correct".  ;-)

Neither Steven nor the manual are absolutely correct as depending on the
context it could be used either way.

In general, I would side with the manual as none usually takes plural
None are...
None of the reasons are...
None of the people are...
None of the operations are...

{However ---> neither, nobody, no one, nothing ... is ...}

However, in the following context singular agreement is preferable:

Q. Which version of Microsoft should we use?
A. None.
Q. None is not an option.  Which version is best?

OK, I got myself in trouble here because obviously "None" really is an
option, but you get my point.

I concede though that similar to "neither", none doesn't follow the rule
very well.

(Following the rules)
None of the companies are profitable.
Neither of the companies is profitable.
Each of the participants is a Linux guru.

(Not following the rules )
None of the companies is profitable.
Neither of the companies are profitable.
Each of the participants are a Linux guru.

When "each" doesn't follow the rule, it seems worse to my ears than
violations with "neither" and even more so with "none" (other native
speakers will likely differ).

Shawn <>

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