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Re: [tlug] Can Japanese join Nomikai ? wrote:

>Hello. My name is Suzuki. Probably, this is my second post.
>I'm Japanese male living in Tokyo 6 years, now working for SoftbankBB as
>part time job.
>Regarding Linux, I'm running Debian woody as home server for one year with
>3 gTLD. (   etc....)
>Subscribing to TLUG ML, I found that most of the people who are regsiterd
>to the ML is foreigner. I don't know how much I can talk well at Nomikai
>(due to my poor english) but witsh to join some day.

Suzuki-san you are very welcome at a nomikai, there were several
Japanese at the last one I attended. You will find that many of us
foreigners speak quite good Japanese.


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