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[tlug] Re: OT: Chicago Style

>>>>> "Stuart" == Stuart Luppescu <> writes:

    Stuart> On ΔΎ, 2004-10-14 at 10:03 +0900, Stephen J. Turnbull
    Stuart> wrote:

    >> >>>>> "Stuart" == Stuart Luppescu <>
    >> writes:

    >> Ah, a Chicago Man. of Style!  Oldie but goodie.  :-)

    Stuart> Nice ambiguity!

Let's have none of your euphemisms, now.  That was a deliberate pun.
And I thought of it myself!

    Stuart> They say the use of a singular copula or verb in that
    Stuart> context is ``correct but stilted.''

Why, I believe you've caught the Manual in a punctuation error!  Of
course there should be a period after "correct".  ;-)

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