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Re: [tlug] Using JDIC from inside ....

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Breen <> writes:

    Jim> Can you make it loop looking for something to turn up? That
    Jim> was a nice feature of the one that Todd & I started on. No
    Jim> keystrokes at all; just highlight the text. ISTR it sits in a
    Jim> 1000ms sleep loop doing a "catch" on the cut buffer.

First, I'm sure it's not a cut buffer.  :-)

Second, there's a way to register a callback on the PRIMARY selection
(what it is instead of a cut buffer ;-).  Look in the standard
distribution xclipboard application for how it's done (that app uses
the CLIPBOARD selection, however).  Motif also has a clipboard, but
its protocol is fairly complicated.  You'd also want to check the
ICCCM.  I don't think there are any gotchas if you just want to get
the selection, but you should check.

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