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[tlug] <Alt>+<F2>

I know the experts will be groaning and shaking their heads, but I'm 
posting the following in the event that it might be useful for new Linux 
users and also to find out if it's common to all distros.....

I just made the happy discovery that the keyboard shortcut <Alt>+<F2> 
brings up the "Run Command" box.  First, my question to the experts - is 
this something common to all distros (I'm on SuSE 9.1 Professional), or 
does it vary from one distro to another?

For new users:

A lot of things are activated via mouse clicks on recent Linux distros, 
but some things need to be activated via a command.  With the SuSE 9.1 
distro I'm using, you can either right click somewhere on a desktop and 
then left click on "Run Command" there, OR (happy discover this) you can 
use the key combination <Alt>+<F2>.  This is especially nice when you've 
got stuff running and it's inconvenient to have to get it out of the way 
to make empty desktop space to click on.


You have a full screen of something on the Internet and you want to take 
a screen capture imagine of it.

1) <Alt>+<F2>
2) ksnapshot
3) Save file

Again, to the experts - sorry for the banal content.  Actually, it's 
exciting stuff for me as a new user.  Each mastered tool or method is a 
step up a ladder I very much want to climb!


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