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Re: [tlug] Using JDIC from inside ...

"Stephen J. Turnbull" <> wrote:
>>     Jim> I want to see how far I can push it in Tcl/Tk before going
>>     Jim> into the really hard stuff.
>> You should be able to push it pretty near all the way.  If necessary,
>> talk to the X server over a socket.  (Just kidding, but somebody just
>> went and wrote a full set of X protocol bindings in elisp.  Dang!)

If, as I suspect, there is a mismatch between Tcl's selection and kterm,
that might be the LAST resort.

>>     Jim> Most return text in that 'orrible C2/C3 ICCCM format.
>> C2/C3?

Boo-boo. I thought I was looking at ICCCM codes when I saw these funny
thingos showing up in some snap dumps I did by passing the selection to
a C routine. Then I worked out how to print out binary field contents in
Tcl (no mean feat, as everything is in UTF8-coded strings), and it turned
out they were strings of EUC-JP, but Tcl had helpfully transformed each
byte of the EUC to UTF8 before passing it to the C module.

>>     Jim> The BIG problem, is that both kterm and yudit result in the
>>     Jim> selection being stripped of the first character,
>> Eh, betcha A$0.05 that they use short-form ISO-2022 designation
>> sequences (eg, ESC $ B for Japanese), while the Compound Text Encoding
>> standard specifies long-form (resp. ESC $ ( B) explicitly.  Or
>> something like that.

Well, kterm is handing in EUC, but with the first two bytes missing.
Yudit is now handing in Unicode codepoints in a "\unnnn" format.

>> I dunno if it has been revised recently, but the copy of ISO 2022
>> (rev. 1994) I have seems to indicate that long form is actually
>> incorrect for final bytes 'A', 'B', and 'C'.

The only ISO-2022 style I am seeing has the long shift-in sequence, and
no closure at all.

[Tcl/Tk snippet]

>> Wow, that's annoying.  Even better than xroach ... 

I felt like a script kiddy, who'd just released his first virus.



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